YES to Justice NO to War

, par Cercle Frantz Fanon (Paris)

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015, the Frantz Fanon Circle (Paris) welcomed the popular republican march of January 11, 2015, as a response of the French people to the fascist and racist events of 7, 8 and 9 January. It calls for maintaining the momentum of the response by opposing those who are even now damaging places of worship, spreading Islamophobia, or glamorising crime, fanaticism, and antisemitism.

At the same time, the circle Frantz Fanon- Paris protests against irresponsible and thoughtless calls to "war", "war against terrorism", "war against jihadism." Only a few years ago, France and its president rose courageously to oppose the concept of "War on terror" and all that went with it : universal spying, Guantanamo and its odious scenes, external and arbitrary assaults, drones, global instability. And all this for what ? To lose universal sympathy which the United States had received in the aftermath of the September 11 atrocities. They eventually "kill bin Laden", but in the meantime, and in the course of half a dozen wars, they created 10 others like him. No war, and in any case no war without UN mandate, France had then said. It was true then, and is still true today.

France did not, and does not, need a state of war, it needs the rule of law, its rule of law. We have republican laws, and it is also for them that marched on 11 January. We have laws against murder, against criminal gangs, against racism. Let’s apply them ! The fanatical murderers are criminals, whom the police should apprehend, not an enemy army consisting of soldiers, fighters. A war requires an identified and legally declared enemy, subject to and enjoying the rights of war, including the Geneva Conventions and the status of prisoners of war. A war ends with negotiations between the parties to the war. That’s not what this is about. It’s a question of arresting and trying thugs, assassins, some self-made fanatics, the other handled and funded by foreign networks.

These thugs should be tried by the courts, and their networks must be identified (for many of these we know who they are) and be denounced from the UN podium. We name them ! The circle-Paris Frantz Fanon calls upon the French Government to maintain : Externally, the course set against the aggressor Bushism, imperial, colonial and destructive ; Internally, the spirit and letter of the laws of the Republic and the preambles of the Constitution (statements 1789, declaration 1946).