Note from the International Frantz Fanon Network

Social Forum in Malmö, Sweden. September 18/21 2008 Propositions

The Network intends to organize seminars at the European Social Forum in Malmö from September 18 to 21 2008.

This is in the continuity of seminars held during the World Social Forum in Bamako, the European Social Forum in Athens, and especially the World Social Forum in Nairobi, when, after a week of intense debates, the Frantz Fanon International Network was created.

The original contribution of the Network Frantz Fanon to all Social Forum was largely confirmed. This contribution is to work on aspects little discussed throughout the movement.

In particular, starting from the original work and strong thinking of Frantz Fanon, the International Network Frantz Fanon raises the question of how financial empires today have taken over and updated dominant / dominated relationships built during colonialism, before and during the enslavement of Blacks : racist and imperialist domination; construction of real walls and symbolic walls between peoples; discrimination, hierarchizations of cultures, religions, subjectivities and stories ....
Just like Frantz Fanon, we want to deepen the understanding of how liberalism is structured, how it conducts its ideological battle and deepens the exploitation of peoples, walking in the footsteps of neo-fascism.

And more than anything, we want to contribute to the development of resistance, struggles, while respecting the autonomy of each person and of each people, and strengthen our effectiveness in challenging the world today and fighting for another world.

A brochure was published after the WSF Nairobi ...
We intend to continue to deepen this work in Malmö.
We propose consequently two seminars.

1 ° Relevance of Frantz Fanon thinking for new global approaches against the clash of civilizations, and against walls built to divide peoples.

2 ° Frantz Fanon and the question of desalienation or post-colonialism in the South and in the East European countries.

What do you think?
We have until June 30 to file the themes of seminars. We therefore propose that any changes or new suggestion is made on the list and the site of the network before Monday, June 23 at the latest.
Four members of the coordination of the French network will travel to Malmö.

Who else will go, from what country? It would be good if we notify each other about our attendance in order to meet more easily on the spot in Malmö.

The French coordination offers to assume the financing of two seminars costing 300 euros per seminar, or 600 euros.
Concerning travel and accommodation, it is clear that everybody must assume the costs incurred.