Major translation problem

, by Hervé Fuyet Haïti France

A member of our Frantz Fanon International Network rightly told us that we have a major translation problem, or rather lack of translation. I think he is quite right!

How can we claim to spread the ideals of Frantz Fanon in the whole world if we limit ourselves to French and English, or even worse to French only!

On the other hand, we are confronted with a major problem of human ressources : the translation of our texts in many languages, let us say, for exemple, English, French, Spanish, German but also Chinese, Russian, Japanese and, of course, also Swahili, Vietnamese, etc!

I do not have a miracle solution in mind, and please, let me know if you have a good solution in mind.

However, I can see some embryos of solutions!

1) As you know, anybody can register directly on our site as a writer, or as a translator.
a) Let us say that we are lucky enough to have a volunteer translator who wants to translate an article from French into English. He or she should write a message at the bottom of the article he or she intends to translate (in order to avoid having two persons translating the same article).
b) Once the article is translated, the translator can submit to publication (indicating also the URL of the original).
c) If we are even luckier, another volunteer translator will translate, either from the original French article, or from the English translation, into Swahili or Chinese etc.. We can cover that way as many languages as possible.

2) If we are not lucky enough to have a volunteer translator to translate an article into the language we want, we can use Google or another automatic translator. In such a case, I think we should specify that it is an automatic translation (Such translations are very approximate, to put it mildly).

3) The two methods can mix. For instance, one can suggest improvements to an automatic translation, or even to a human made translation in a message at the bottom of the article;

4) The translation, but also the writing and publishing of an article is relatively simple. However there is a learning curve, and at the beginning we may be stuck by some simple difficulty in the use of our SPIP (the computer program we are using for our Website).

It would be nice if those of you who want to help us as volunteer translator or as a guide in the use of our SPIP publishing program can give their name and email in a message below this article.

I assume that we will have to be tolerant with the overall quality of our translations, especially at the beginning. But at least we will have progressed in the direction of the spreading Fanon’s ideals.

By the way, logically, this article also should be translated in as many languages as possible, if we want to be fully multilingual!

Merci et bon courage!

Hervé Fuyet

Post Scriptum

Please do not hesitate to make suggestions to improve the form or the content of the text above.