Caste, Hindutva and Dalits By Prof.Ram Puniyani

, par P. K. Murthy

Caste, Hindutva and Dalits

By Prof.Ram Puniyani

Caste_Hindutva_and_Dalits.jpgCaste has been a major defining characteristic of Indian society. It has its origins in early India and finds mention in Hindu scriptures. There have been efforts by the likes of Gautam Budhha, Kabir, Ambedkar who have challenged and opposed this social system. Despite the change in the patterns of society the caste rigidities have not been done away with till today. This is a system of structural hierarchy which needs to be annihilated. During freedom movement the foundation of an equal society were laid. The freedom of the country gave a big hope that the Indian Constitution and its norms will ensure the eradication of this system, but it persists in newer forms.

There have been social streams which have been preserving the graded structure of our society. The book is compilation of essays and articles which highlight the salient features of the caste system, the ideology which aims to preserve it and the struggles which are going on to eradicate the same. The book traces the principles and forms of the campaigns/movements aiming at society with Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

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1. Dalits at Crossroad
● Term Dalit ● Dalits Today ●Caste Discrimination ●Anti-Dalit Violence ●Violence against dalit women ●Khairlanji ●Rohit Vermula ● Una Incident ● The Economics of Discrimination ● References

Section – I

Hinduism : Buddhism

2. Caste in Indian Society
3. Hinduism : Brahmanic and Shramanic Traditions
4. Brahmanism and Buddhism
5. Untouchability
6. Did Ashoka’s Embracing Buddhism, Promoting Ahimsa Weaken India ?
7. Adi Shankaracharya : Brahmanic Philosophy

Section – II

Freedom Movement and Social Transformation

8. Mahatma Jotiba Phule : Struggle for Social Transformation
9. Striving for Social Justice : Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar
10. Upholding Self Respect : E.V. Ramasamy Periyar

Section – III

Obstacles to Social Transformation

11. Hinduism and Hindutva
12. Hindu Nation, Hindu State and Hindutva
13. Ambedkar’s Thoughts on Hindutva
14. RSS Agenda and Dalits
Section – IV

Ambedkar, Caste and Hindutva

15. The Politics behind Attempt to Review Constitution
16. Caste Transformation and Hindutva Politics : Gujarat
17. Adivasis : A Cultural Cooption
18. Hidden Agenda of Samajik Samrasta

Section – V

Democracy and Caste Expressions

19. Modi’s Caste and Hindutva Political Strategies
20. Ambedkar and Contemporary Threats to India Constitution
21. Challenges to Plural and Secular India Diversity : Casteism Today
22. New ICHR Chief is a Communal Ideologue

Section – VI

Manifestations of Hierarchy

23. Lord, May I Come in ?
24. Khap Panchayats Asserting Caste-Gender Hierarchy
25. Manual Scavenging : Must be Eradicated Right away
26. Rohit Vemula : Hindutva Politics and Dalit Question
27. Cow-Beef, Religious Minorities-Dalits and Political Games
28. Dalits Embracing Buddhism, Islam to Escape Caste Atrocities
29. Ambedkar’s Ideology : Religion, Nationalism and Indian Constitution

Section – VII

World, State and Caste Eradication

30. Un Anti-Caste Charter : Annihilation of Caste

Section – VIII

Post Independence Social Transformation

31. Dr.Ambedkar and Dilemmas of Contemporary Dalit-Bahujan Politics ?
32. Whither Social Justice
33. Post Independence Dalit Movement
34. Struggle for Social Justice

Section – IX

Post Script

35. Rational Thought in Indian Traditio