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  • I want to go home, but I have none !

    , par Joseph Cachia

    (Part Two)
    You (could this well mean also you, dear reader ?) took it away from me !
    The law demands that we atone When we take things we do not own But leaves the lords and ladies fine Who take things that are yours and mine.
    Firstly, why don’t you ask me why I am an emigrant ? Very simple answer – YOU made me one !
    I am rich, yet I am poor ! Haven’t you been profiting from my poverty ?
    When the West tells us : “We don’t need you !”, who of you protested ? Neither did we need you when you came to colonise our country and brought havoc to us….but still you came ! Neither did we need you when you came to exploit our country for your interests….but still you came ! When you came to ravish and destroy our country through your imperialist wars, we never wanted you….but still you came !
    And now you see and treat us as a hostile invasion force and unashamedly and immorally, quoting (...)